Marcus Paine

Marcus Paine

Following the footsteps of former Alaskan aviator legends, Alaskan Marc Paine brings the thrill of aerobatic flight to his hometown of Anchorage, where he has lived for more than 40 years. Raised on a homestead in Rabbit Creek, Marc has been a pilot for over 20 years and is the founder and Chief Flight Instructor of Unusual Attitudes LLC at Merrill Field, and now at Marana Regional Airport in Tucson, a flight school that teaches Unusual Attitude Recovery, Stall/Spin Awareness and aerobatic flight. Marc is a skilled instructor adept at teaching pilots of all skill levels new ways of thinking about the principals of flight and mastering the airplane in every attitude. He is an FAA Safety Counselor, and a regular speaker on Stall/Spin Awareness at FAA Safety Seminars held throughout Alaska, and nationally at aviation events including Oshkosh and Sun n’ Fun. Marc’s teaching directly targets and impacts the stall/spin fatality rate that plagues Alaskan pilots, and now is available in the Lower 48!

Marc provides regular and recurrent training in Unusual Attitude Recovery, Stall/Spin Awareness and Tailwheel for The pilots of the U.S. Army, National Park Service, Civil Air Patrol, Alaska State Troopers, and for the Flight Inspectors of the FAA Flight Standards District Office. He and training partner Patty Wagstaff have provided the same training in Kenya to pilots of the Kenyan Wildlife Service who daily face low altitude, high risk patrol flights in search of illegal poachers.

He is a distinguished graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and a former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer, Airborne Ranger, and Jumpmaster. He commanded a combat dive A Team and worked projects throughout the Middle East and South America. EMT qualified, Marc was a member and instructor with the National Ski Patrol and patrolled regularly at Alyeska during the winter months for many years while he wasn’t flying and instructing. Now he spends the winters in a satellite location for Unusual Attitudes in Arizona!

Marc holds all airplane fixed wing ratings and endorsements and instructor certificates through Multiengine Instrument. He is an active aerobatic performer as well with an unrestricted, surface level Aerobatic Card, and has performed aerobatic routines in Alaska at airshows throughout the state, including the Valdez Airshow and Arctic Thunder at Elmendorf AFB for the past 10 years. Marc’s performance is one of the crowd’s favorites because of his ability to showcase the capabilities of the Super Decathlon and the Super Cub in a way that general aviation pilots and audiences can appreciate, relate to and apply to their own flying. He is sponsored by American Champion, the factory for the Super Decathlon and flies it low and very aggressively. And he is considered a wizard in the Super Cub! He does a unbelievable live in cockpit narrated stall and spin demo and never is above 500 feet! Marcus also is the primary pilot for Third Strike Wingwalking, and flies with Carol on the wing as well as solo in the 450 Stearman. He now is flying air shows throughout the U.S. and Canada in all three airplanes.

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