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Scheyden MX2

Super Dave

"Super" Dave MatheisonDave Mathieson, better known as “Super Dave” in the airshow community, was voted the #1 aerobatic pilot in Canada… by his mom. (It’s on the side of his airplane, so it has to be true!)

Mathieson currently flies the world’s most advanced aerobatic aircraft called the MX2. The aircraft is designed for plus or minus 16Gs, and has an incredible roll rate of 500 degrees per second and is powered by a380HP motor giving the aircraft a top speed of 300 MPH.

Dave started flying with the Royal Canadian Air cadets at age 15 in gliders and got his first float flying job at the age of 18. Dave flew bush planes on floats for most of his career including Beech 18, Norseman, de Havilland Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter, Buffalo and Dash 8.

He flew for AirCanada Jazz for five years but found the job too boring, and they frowned upon doing aerobatics with 100 people in the back of the airplane.  Dave soon left AirCanada Jazz and went on to become the co-owner and president of Summit Air Charters based in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada.

One season while flying a Cessna 180 on floats, the control stick for the aircraft disconnected from the dashboard, losing both aileron and elevator. Dave managed to keep the aircraft flying by using the trim wheel, his body weight, and opening the doors to steer the aircraft back to his base. Dave flew the airplane like this for almost one hour before landing it smoothly on the lake. From that day on, his friends dubbed him “Super Dave”.

Dave is a true believer in chasing your dream.  He uses air shows to inspire people young and old alike to show them all that every dream is possible if you just work hard at it.

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